Amazon Buys: August

August Amazon Buys.jpg

A quick recap of what I bought on Amazon this month!

Happy Shopping!

Friday Baby Ear Protection - I got these for a few summer events we had coming up. Most importantly, the Air & Water Show in Chicago. We tested these out on ourselves and they do a pretty good job of muffling out loud sounds. I saw a bunch of other babies and toddlers with these on. Great purchase to use up to 2 years old!

Parker Baby Bandanas - Baby Bott is drooling. You guys - so. much. drool. So it was time to buy some bandana “drool bibs”. I love how soft these are and it comes in a pack of 8. The colors are all so cute and go well with most of his onesies. The exact set I bought was the “Estes Set”, but I didn’t see it available. This is my second choice, with all the neutrals!

Burt’s Bees Footie Pajamas - I bought two pairs for Remy. He recently started rolling, so we put away our sleep sack and started using the footie pajamas instead. There is something so sweet about a baby in footie PJs! We only had a few pairs, and I am already doing laundry ALL the time, so we needed to get a few more PJ options in the rotation. I got the Midnight Twinkle Bee pattern and the Midnight Stripe.

Bumble Bee Soft Book - I needed a soft book for the baby, with tags and mirrors and such. I also needed a toy for the car seat, to keep him occupied. This fit the bill! It crinkles and keeps him very entertained while we are running errands.

Dear Zoo Board Book - I needed some more books for Remy. We read every night and we cycled through our stash pretty quickly. I love this book for him because he can open up the flaps when he is a bit older.

Babyganics Hand Sanitizer - I love keeping this stuff at the changing table. Sometimes, even with an easy diaper, you just want a quick pump of this foaming hand sanitizer before you continue on! I love this and have already bought more!

Acne Cover Patches - I heard great things about these! Just stick a little patch on your blemish and when you wake up, it will be noticeably better (less red, less puffy). I can’t wait to try them!

BATHROOM CUP - I was so sick of leaving my kitchen cups on the bathroom sink. I get thirsty in the middle of the night and always need water. It was time for a sink cup. This one is pretty.

BATHROOM TRASH CAN - Another item we needed for the bathroom after the makeover. This one is simple. Plain, matte black. Not very large. Perfect for the small space between our toilet and vanity. As far as trash cans go, this one is pretty nice looking.