Amazon Buys: July

July Amazon Buys.jpg

A quick recap of what I bought on Amazon this month!

Happy Shopping!

Wireless Charging Station - This one I was excited about! I had yet to try the wireless charging stations (only old school cords, for me) and it worked great. Charged right through my phone case.

Avocado Stroller Toy - Skip Hop has super cute toys for babies. I needed something to clip onto his stroller, as he is starting to be more aware and possibly become bored. Of course, gotta love the avocado!

Metal Straws - I tend to get an iced coffee on my walks with the baby. But I realized I was still in the habit of using the plastic straw. Instead, I bought these metal straws that come with a few varieties. There is a thicker straw I use for my smoothies at home, too!

Baby Rompers - I needed a few sleeveless rompers for Remy and these were so adorable! I love this fern pattern for summer. And the Hanes 2-pack are super soft and come in a bunch of color variations (though they run a bit small FYI). Buying baby clothes on Amazon is a HUGE win for me because it saves me a trip AND I can buy something right when I think about it.

Cactus Swaddle - Omg this swaddle is so soft and comfy! I just love it. Plus the watercolor cactus pattern is my favorite. I use swaddles like crazy. I remember some moms telling me not to get a bunch of swaddles because they didn’t use more than three. But I just happen to use them ALL THE TIME! I use swaddles as a light blanket in the stroller. I use swaddles to cover me when I am breastfeeding in public :) I use swaddles as a “sheet” so-to-speak for his UPPABaby bassinet. The list goes on. LOVE a good swaddle.

Sunglasses - These sunglasses are amazing for the price ($15 ya’ll). The shape plus the gold frame and black lens make them look SO much more expensive. I really like these and have been wearing them a lot.

Acrylic Tortoise Shell Earrings - I really like these for work or weekend wear. They look good with a lot of outfits. The perfect neutral earring when you don’t want just a stud.

Pout Pout Fish Board Book - When I visited my friend in Oregon in July, she was reading this book to her daughter every night. It was so cute - her daughter LOVED it. I immediately ordered the book and may or may not be using the same voices when I read it to Remy :) If you’re looking for a new children’s book for the nighttime routine, this is a great one.