Housewarming Gift Guide

Housewarming Gift Guide.jpg

‘Tis the season for moving around here! What is it about May and moving? I’ve noticed a lot of moving trucks parked in our neighborhood lately. We also have a few friends who are moving. One couple bought a new house for their growing family. And another couple moved into their first apartment together (yay)! Needless to say, I’ve got housewarming gifts on the brain.

There are a few things I keep in mind when buying any gifts for people.

First - and most important - buy for the person, not for yourself. Think of something THEY would like. Not necessarily something that YOU love. You might love a fun coffee mug, but do they need another mug? Do they drink coffee at home? Think about what their needs are and try to reflect that in your purchase.

Second, gifting is best when it is something you can eat, drink, or use. Eat: a barrel of specialty popcorn, an assortment of cheeses and meats, fancy nuts, gourmet cookies. Drink: a nice bottle of wine, champagne, craft beer. Use: a candle, hand soap, a cutting board. Stay away from items that are subject to someone’s particular style like art, home decor, knick knacks. These items are all great, but you have to be very confident that you know what the person likes for the gift to be a success.

Third, when in doubt, buy a gift card. Whether you are running out of time to buy something or you just have no clue what to get. Everyone likes Target, Starbucks, and Amazon. It is fact. And not only that, but they will use the gift card to buy something they actually want or need. Which will be way more helpful for them in the long run.

Tip: If you get a gift card from someone as a gift, try to follow up with a text or thank you note once you purchase something. I think this is such a nice touch. I followed up after our Baby Shower and told folks what I spent their gift cards on. “Thanks for the Target GC - I ended up getting some baby bottles that we really needed. Now we are all stocked! Much appreciated!”. A little follow up goes a long way :)

Here are my favorite housewarming gifts. And you can get it all on Amazon and Target using the links below!


NOTHING says “I’m home” like a lit candle. It instantly makes a room feel cozy and serene. If you’re heading over to someone’s new home, bring a candle and a few stems of fresh flowers - it will warm up their space in no time!

Galvanized Container Candle Cedar Magnolia - Hearth & Hand - Target


When I move into a new space, the first thing I want to do is add some greenery. I think having plants in a home makes it feel more alive. More welcoming. A Jade plant is a great, inexpensive choice, that is easy to take care of. If you know the person loves plants, it might be intimidating to choose a plant for them. Go for a cute pot or planter instead and let them fill it with their favorites later.


Cooking those first few meals together in a new home or apartment is so fun! Help them create those special memories in the kitchen with a cook book.


If you are going to a house warming party or to see someone’s house for the first time, you can always show up with a bottle of wine! You can’t go wrong. Even if they don’t love the type of wine you selected (not that they would ever tell you, hopefully!), they can use it for future guests. These other wine & drink accessories caught my eye as an alternative to bringing wine - or to bring WITH the wine!

Oster Inspire Cordless/Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener - Target


One thing that will probably get lost in the move? Coasters. I somehow always end up with 3 out of 4. Or one coaster is stained or broken and I have to toss it. I think of coasters how I think of throw pillows: they need a refresh every 6 months - 1 year. And you can never have too many!


A home is not complete without a few good coffee table books. If you’re not sure which books they may like, anything by Joanna Gaines is always a good bet. Her newest book Home Body is the perfect addition to any living room set-up.


The thing about cutting boards is: you can always use another one. They look good on counter tops, leaned up against a back splash, while serving cheese or charcuterie - the list goes on. Choose one made from bamboo or with a unique wood tone, which makes it interesting.

Happy gifting!