Baby Toys 3 - 6 Months

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What a difference a few months makes! At 0 - 3 months, Remy was not doing much independent play and he generally liked to just look at things or rest. Now, he’s a completely different baby! He likes to kick and squirm and hold onto things. He likes to put EVERYTHING in his mouth. He rolls over, shakes toys, and just loves to play, alone or with me. It’s so cute!

We still live in a small-ish condo, so we don’t have a ton of room for lots of toys and big contraptions. I have to make a judgement call on what big item we will get for him and make sure it’s versatile (a jumper, a swing, etc.). And then I can supplement with smaller toys that do other things (mirrors, rattles, toys that play music, etc.). Here is what we use for Baby Bott for 3 - 6 months.

Happy shopping!

Musical Toy - Ok, I don’t like to have many toys that make loud noises. But this one is the perfect size for Remy’s hands and he loves to try to find the button to push to make it play.

Sophie Teether - I guess we needed multiple types of Sophie’s in our lives :) This teether is a lot smaller than the original Sophie and is just the right size for the baby’s mouth.

Bouncer Seat - I love this seat because it collapses and we can put it under the couch when we are entertaining. Remy loves to play with all of the attachments.

Rattle - At about five months Remy really started to like shaking rattles. This one is fun and super durable.

Llama Llam Red Pajama - We LOVE this book. It was a gift from a friend and we read it a few times a week.

Bubble Machine - Remy is obsessed with bubbles at daycare, so I thought it might be fun to do some at home. We don’t have a yard, so I go this little bubble machine that works inside. If we do the bubbles in the bath or if I lay a blanket it down, the mess is minimal.

Mitten Teether - This thing is great! It crinkles, he can wear it on his hand, and the top is silicone for teething. It’s also a perfect size he can stick right in his mouth (EVERYTHING goes in his mouth right now!)

Love Makes a Family - Another cute book I found! It’s a quick read and showcases families and caregivers of of all types, which I love.

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