Favorite Baby Registry Items (Updated!)

UPDATE: Now that Baby Bott is here, I took some time to update this post to really reflect what we use the most and what he prefers. Again, this is just works for us and every baby / family is different. Happy shopping!

When I first started putting together our baby registry I was overwhelmed! There are so many products out there and I wasn’t sure which brands to choose or which items we would actually need (vs. want). I asked a bunch of my mom friends and did a ton of online research to come up with my registry list.

After all of that research, I figured I could share my favorite items we’ve bought or received for Baby Bott so far. I say “so far” because I imagine this list might change slightly once the baby arrives and we see what he/she actually likes and what we use the most.

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Baby registry must haves and essentials. Tanner dresser.

Baby registry must haves and essentials. Tanner dresser.



This thing came highly recommended from my mom friends. It is the less-expensive version of the Dock-a-Tot. I have heard both are great as far as loungers go, but I really liked the simple style of the Snuggle Me. I also like that you can take the cover off and toss it in the wash. I have a feeling I will be using this a lot.

UPDATE: We LOVE the Snuggle Me. Baby spends time in it while I am having coffee on the couch in the morning, or when we are watching a movie in the evenings. He needs to be supervised if he falls asleep in it, so I make sure to keep an eye on him while I fold laundry or something. It’s very helpful!


I was on the hunt for a plain, affordable pacifier. This one fits the bill. They also have a ton of cute pacifier clips.

UPDATE: While I love the look of the Ryan and Rose paci, the baby didn’t take to it. We went ahead and tried the Soothie paci and the WubbaNub. He really does well with the Soothie on his own while he is getting ready for bed. But when we are going for walks and he is awake, the WubbaNub works wonderfully!


Speaking of pacifier clips, I like these wooden clips and teethers.


My husband was on research duty for the baby carrier. He kept talking about wanting to wear the baby around the city on the weekends. This was his favorite option (even over the Baby Bjorn). He is pretty pumped to try this out on our Sunday walks.



I liked the simplicity of this crib. It comes in a few different finishes, but we went with the white. It also converts into a toddler bed later.

UPDATE: Baby takes his naps in the crib and seems to love it! I am so happy with our crib set-up and can’t wait until he is sleeping in there full time!


We registered for a bunch of Burt’s Bees baby items. I love that these sheets are organic and they are so soft! Plus the simple stripes or grey colors are great for our gender neutral nursery.

UPDATE: Love the Burt’s Bees crib sheets. They are SO soft and don’t irritate baby’s skin.


This came highly rated from my mom friends, as well. It fits next to our bed for those first few months before we transition to the crib. There are lots of fancy settings, including music and rocking. I can’t wait to use this when we get back from the hospital.

UPDATE: As is the way with babies, Baby Bott decided that he would NOT sleep in the Halo bassinet. Even though we tried it for the first week or so, we ultimately switched to his UPPAbaby bassinet (it is approved for sleeping). We have the bassinet and the bassinet stand in our bedroom. It fits comfortably next to my side of the bed and we will use the same set-up when we travel, so I think this is working great! Again, nothing wrong with the Halo bassinet, he just didn’t like it. Babies are particular!


One of our favorite gifts we received. We tested out all of the settings. There are different lights, sounds, volume control, and more. AND you can control it all from an app on your phone. So no popping into the room and waking baby to turn the sound machine off/on. Win!

UPDATE: We love the Hatch Baby Rest. We use it in our bedroom right now, since he is still sleeping in our room. The light is dimmable for those late night feedings. And the white noise sound is perfect - the baby gets sleepy as soon as he hears it! We have even brought it on an overnight trip to Grandma’s!


Word on the street is that these are the softest…and pretty stylish, too!



Again, we live in the city, so our space is limited. Especially when it comes to our second bathroom. This foldable tub seemed like the perfect solution for us. Plus, it wasn’t that pricey, so if we revert to the ole’ “shower with your baby” method sooner rather than later, we won’t feel that guilty!

UPDATE: Although I think this travel tub is an awesome idea, it ultimately wasn’t working in our bathtub for every day bath times. We ended up purchasing the Angelcare Baby Bath in grey. It works wonderfully and he really likes taking baths in it.


We went with Honest for our shampoo, body wash, and other products like lotions, wipes, and diapers. We are going to try them out and see how they work for the baby! I particularly like this Dreamy Lavender scent for baths before bedtime.

UPDATE: This stuff works great! I even dripped some in the baby’s eye accidentally and there was no crying! It smells amazing and so far we have barely made a dent in it. We do baths every other day. I just put a little on a washcloth for his body and then a little more on the silicone bath comb.


Again, we registered for a bunch of Burt’s Bees baby products. From these adorable hooded towels, to a little baby robe, wash cloths, bibs, and more! Everything comes in the best neutrals like grey or stripes and has been super soft.

UPDATE: As I mentioned, we have loved all of our Burt’s Bees products. The towels are working great! We have one grey and one with little bees on it. Two towels seems like plenty at this point.


I know it sounds disgusting, but every mom recommends it, so it must work great. I’ll let you know when we try it!


I tossed around the idea of using a traditional changing pad. But that required getting a changing tray for the dresser, the changing pad, a waterproof pad cover, and a few changing pad sheets (for when one gets dirty). Phew. It seemed like a lot. Then I heard about these peanut changers that you literally just wipe clean to sanitize. That’s it! Seems good enough for us.

UPDATE: This thing is amazing. We use it all the time (obviously, there are lots of diaper changes happening every day!). It is so sturdy and it just wipes off when we are done. I’ve also noticed it isn’t too cold when I lay him on it for night time changes. It seems fairly comfortable. I cannot say enough good things.


I heard great things about this diaper pail. Reviews say it’s great for holding in smells and it uses normal trash bags, instead of special diaper pail bags.

UPDATE: The nursery has NEVER smelled like dirty diapers. This thing is working wonders. It holds at least a week’s worth of diapers, too. My husband just empties it once a week when he takes out the regular trash. Done and done!



Ok, so it’s a toss up between the Boppy and My Brest Friend as far as nursing pillows go. The jury is out on which is better, but I went with the Boppy and the grey cover from Pottery Barn Kids.

UPDATE: I only use the Boppy during night time feedings. I find during the day, I just hold him normally or put a rolled up blanket under him to prop him up. The Boppy is VERY useful for the middle of the night, though, when I have zero strength. A lot of times we both doze off a bit while he dream feeds, so I think we are both comfortable!


I read a bunch of reviews on bottles and found it hard to choose. How do we know what baby will like? We don’t…yet. So I only registered for a few bottles. Dr. Brown’s Newborn Bottles is what we went with to start. We may have to try some others along the way.

UPDATE: As I mentioned before, babies are oddly particular about certain things. Our baby happens to prefer the Philips Avent baby bottles for now. I think that could change in the future.


Speaks for itself. If you look around at your friend’s homes who have babies, you will likely see one of these up on the counter top. I love that it comes in white, too! I think this will be used daily.

UPDATE: As predicted, we use this thing daily. I use it for not only bottles, but for drying my breast pump pieces and parts. It’s still bright white and I noticed recently that the base comes off so you can get it nice and clean. I may even run mine through the dishwasher!


I love this seat because we have limited space in the city! Our dining room is small, so a full fledged highchair never seemed like the right solution. This fits on any of our existing dining room chairs. And we can remove it if we have company over. I am excited to test this out when the kiddo is a bit older.