8 Things To Do From the Couch To Feel More Productive NOW

We’ve all done it. Spent a lazy Sunday watching Netflix, ordering takeout, and feeling really relaxed until we realize we've accomplished nothing all day. It’s a huge bummer and can sometimes counter act all that relaxing!

If you’re like me, once you get to this point, you don’t necessarily have time (or energy) to accomplish a huge project and that can leave me paralyzed with guilt until I eventually hit “one more episode”.

Luckily I have a solution! The best way to feel productive in this scenario is to start checking off little things until you've accomplished a lot! 

Here are some things you can check off your list from the couch (and in your pajamas).


Ok - I’ve had the same phone number for almost 15 years (crazy, right?). There are a ton of people in my phone that I can’t even recall how I met.

  • Start by getting rid of contacts you no longer need or haven’t used in years.

  • Edit names to include first and last (and proper spelling).

  • Add home addresses for people you send cards to during the holidays - this makes finding mailing addresses for your besties a lot easier!

  • Add a photo to your frequent contacts so it pops up when they call!

Cleaning up your phone contacts is so simple, but it makes a big difference! Next time you’re searching for someone you’ll find their information effortlessly.


On a very similar note to cleaning up your contacts, make your desk space a lot tidier by entering information into your iPhone or Outlook. Maybe it’s a business card for the plumber or hairdresser you like - save yourself some hassle later and enter the information into your cell! Toss the paper card knowing you can grab that info anytime.


This a classic mistake I have made over and over. Receive a nice gift card from a friend for dinner. Or a coupon from a store I frequent. But on the day I ACTUALLY go to said place, I can’t find the card and have usually left it at home or in a different purse. Ugh. A solution to this is to take photos of the front and back of all gift cards. I’m not saying throw them out before you use them, but take the photo as a backup. For some places like Starbucks and iTunes, you can load your gift card onto the app right away and toss that piece of plastic in the trash.


I am a huge fan of selling things online that I no longer need. Especially things for the home - tables, chairs, candles, throw pillows, picture frames, I could go on... People change, needs change, and styles change so why not share some of those gently used pieces with others! The best part about this is, all you need to do is take a photo and write a description of the item. I tend to use Let Go or Close 5 to sell my items. Some of my friends use Facebook’s Garage Sale.

My advice when using these apps?

  • Take pictures in natural lighting.

  • Post at a fair price for a used item.

  • You’ll usually end up bargaining the price, so be willing to accept a lower offer.

  • Only accept cash.

  • Meet in a safe place like a Target parking lot during the day.

And watch your clutter turn into cash! 


Photos (and videos) are the main culprit for all of my storage problems. Whenever I have spare time, I open up my photos and delete unwanted pictures. Blurry and duplicate photos are the first thing I look to get rid of. I also take this time to crop, edit, and send photos I’ve been meaning to share with friends and family.


After going through all of your photos, you have probably found some gems! Set your background and lock screen to photos that make you smile!


Just getting rid of any applications you don’t use can really free up space! For me, games always get deleted because I don’t use them often enough. 


If you don’t use the Note Pad app on iPhone, you’re missing out. I use it every day! It’s great for keeping To Do lists that you want to reference (like making that return when you pass a Nordstrom).

Some things I use the Notes App for:

  • Grocery Lists - I never fear leaving my list at home

  • Important Dates - that I haven’t plopped into my planner yet (dinner next Wednesday with friends, a potential weekend trip with my parents, etc.)

  • Vacation Recommendations - If I am going somewhere new, let’s say Hawaii, I might keep a list of best beaches to visit, where to get the best sushi, that one boutique that a friend mentioned…you get the idea!

  • Restaurants - I keep a list of restaurants and bars I want to try

  • Project Lists - house projects, goals for the year, even doctor appointments I need to make

  • Shows & Book Recommendations - I jot down recommendations from friends, so next time I am browsing Netflix, I have a list to look at

I have about 30 lists going at any time. You can also share your lists via email or text - I share my projects lists with my husband. If you’re a fan of lists, using the Note Pad will change your life!

Even accomplishing one of these things makes me feel productive and I hope you feel the same! Now time to start another episode. :)