Goodbye & Hello

Goodbye & Hello

Goodbye spit up on my shirt that I’ve been wearing since this morning

Goodbye pulling out every toy to keep you entertained all afternoon (and almost pulling out my hair)

Goodbye counting down the minutes until your Dad comes home so I can take a shower (or do anything) alone

Goodbye to days when we sometimes didn’t leave the house 

Goodbye middle-of-the-day Target runs, armed with iced coffees, wandering through every aisle 

Goodbye morning snuggles, sipping coffee, staying in our pajamas a little too long 

Goodbye long walks in the park, stopping to say hello to all of the birds and watch the leaves blow 

Goodbye 2 o’clock naps on my chest while I catch up on reading 

Goodbye to our little world where, for the majority of the day, it was just me and you

Hello to wild daycare drop offs and germs and sick days 

Hello to feeling like I can only excel at being a mom OR my career and that I’m not doing either very well 

Hello to talking with adults and feeling accomplished in my personal life 

Hello to counting down the minutes until I get to pick you up and play with you all evening

Hello to missing you but loving this other part of my life

Hello to cherishing bedtime routines, bubble baths, and snuggly footie pajamas 

Hello to being a working mom, just trying to balance it all