Baby Toys 0-3 Months

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I cannot believe Baby Bott is almost 3 months old! It truly has flown by. But I have to say, of all the unknowns there are with a newborn (will he sleep well? is he eating enough? am I doing this right?) one of my biggest unknowns was around “playtime”. What do newborns do when they aren’t sleeping or eating? How do I ensure the baby is getting enough stimulation and playtime? I read a lot of blogs. I read a lot of reviews on Amazon. And then I bought some things and actually tried them with our baby.

Here are the toys that worked best for us for 0-3 months. I am not saying these will work for every baby, but these are the things Baby Bott ended up liking and that we keep pulling out of the drawer over and over.

Happy shopping!

4Moms MamaRoo

I attempted to put the baby in this right away (1-2 weeks old) and he wasn’t quite ready for it. But once we hit the 1 month mark, he really enjoyed being in this swing for about 15 minutes at a time. Now, at two months old, he will stay in it for 30 minutes or more. Sometimes he will even take a short nap when I use the Rock a Bye setting. I love that it has different motions and speeds. Plus, when he was little, we used the infant insert. And as he grows, we can take the insert out.

Using the MamaRoo at about 1 week old!

Using the MamaRoo at about 1 week old!

4Moms Infant Insert

Sophie The Giraffe

I mean, duh. What baby doesn’t have this toy? I’d like to know. The baby actually likes when I play with Sophie. He is interested in the contrasts of her eyes right now. I am sure he will start chewing on her as time goes on :)

Lamaze Freddie The Firefly

This is a great developmental toy. It has a hook on the top so it can go onto your stroller, car seat, play gym, whatever! It makes a crinkle noise when you play with it. The colors on the front are vibrant and the colors on the back are black and white. It has fun little mirrors and dangles for baby to explore. Our baby seems to really like it when I “fly” around his face and he follows it. Other times I just hook it onto his play gym and he studies it for a while. It’s only $11.99 on Amazon - win!

Hanging with Freddie!

Hanging with Freddie!

Wooden Play Gym

I love this play gym because it is simple and goes with our decor! I can fold it up and put it in the closet. There is no blanket attached to the bottom, so I can just lay down whatever blanket is nearby. You can hook on any toys - or they suggest scarves and things with color and texture. And for the price, you can’t beat it! I think we will use this a lot in the future, but we are already using it at least two times a week. The gyms come in a few different colors. I like the white dipped.

We tried the play gym at 1 month, but he’s really getting into it now, at 2 months.

We tried the play gym at 1 month, but he’s really getting into it now, at 2 months.

Noggin Stik

Ok, someone got us this as a gift and the baby loves it! The stick lights up with blue, green, or red when you tap it. It also makes a rattle sound when you shake it. The baby can almost grip it already - it’s lightweight. Plus there is a mirror on the bottom. It’s just a great developmental toy. We practice rattling on each side so he turns. We also call out the different colors as they change.

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

Maybe some of you wouldn’t consider this a toy, but it keeps the baby occupied! So it’s a toy in my mind. It’s an essential, I guess. We have the elephant, but I think the giraffe might be a better shape for little hands to hold onto.

On The Night You Were Born Board Book

We try to read to the baby often. In all honesty, because of his age, sometimes we skip our nightly book. But as he gets older, we will make sure it happens every night (hopefully). After I came home from the hospital, I read this book with him and let’s just say I bawled my eyes out. It’s a great book to read during those first few nights at home.

And that’s about it! At 0-3 months he is napping for at least 2 hours, 2 -3 times a day. So during our awake time we talk, he babbles, and we use the MamaRoo a LOT. I make sure we incorporate “play” and tummy time at least once a day. Although, on the weekends we admittedly throw the schedule to the wind!