Before Baby Checklist

Oh my gosh, I remember it vividly. That nagging feeling that I was going to forget to do something crucial before the baby came! Would I remember to find a Pediatrician? Would we have time to paint the nursery? What about adding the baby to our will? There were so many logistics involved with welcoming the baby, and not just the fun stuff like sweet baby clothes and books.

I decided to start a list of each thing I thought of and checked it off the list as we completed it. Seems pretty basic, but I had a hard time finding a checklist that wasn’t strictly nursery or baby-gear oriented.

This list includes things like finding a Pediatrician, taking an infant CPR class, things that were infinitely helpful for us as we prepared for life after baby arrived. Also, since I was losing brain power by the day, I really needed a list I could refer back to along the way and I saved it in my phone for convenience.

I ended up sharing this list with a few of my friends who are now expecting babies of their own and they found it helpful. Just another way to add some peace of mind that you are doing the right things and that you are prepared. So here is my before baby checklist!

Before Baby Checklist:

  • Schedule Maternity Photos

  • Tour the Hospital

    • Write down any questions ahead of time

  • Sign Up for Classes

    • Birthing

    • Infant CPR

  • Plan a Babymoon

  • Create a Living Will and Include the Baby

  • Discuss Baby Savings Plan

  • Finalize Baby Registry (Before Shower Invites Mailed)

  • Order Insurance-Covered Breast Pump

    • Figure Out How Breast Pump Works :)

  • Find a Pediatrician

  • Baby Shower (Mom’s House)

  • Chicago Friend Baby Shower Brunch

  • Put Nursery Together:

    • Paint

    • Dresser / Changing Table

    • Crib

    • Rocker / Nursing Chair

    • Organize Closet

  • Tour Daycare Options

  • Finalize Maternity Leave Plan

    • Turn on Out-of-Office

    • Draft “Baby Has Arrived” Email to Boss

  • Choose a Daycare / Get On Wait-list

  • Discuss Social Media Plan with Partner (who will you notify via phone call, text, when and what is appropriate to post on social media, etc.)

  • Pre-fill Hospital Paperwork Online

  • Finalize Our Baby Boy & Girl Name

  • Finalize Plan for Grandparent Visit / Helping After Baby Arrives

And last but not least, relax and enjoy the special time before baby arrives! It’s hard to do in the moment, but those last few weeks when it’s just you and your partner are such a good time to connect and reset. Happy planning!

Kelly McCreadyComment