My favorite coffee table books...

My favorite coffee table books...


Over the years I have started to collect a good number of books. Some I read and then tuck away onto a bookshelf. Some I file away in our office. But some, some are just so gorgeous that I want to look at them all the time! And THOSE books get displayed on the coffee tables and end tables. Fortunately, you can get all of these books very easily on Amazon. Hopefully some of these end up in your home, too. Happy reading!


Malibu Farm Cookbook

by Helene Henderson

This book has a special spot on my table because I bought it at Malibu Farm Café, which is on the pier in Malibu. One of my besties was hosting her rehearsal dinner there and we had a great time! Such good memories and yummy food – I had to buy the book!


In the Company of Women

By Grace Bonney

Whenever I am looking for an inspirational quote or a pick-me-up, I flip through this book. It will definitely make you smile and give you motivation to reach those #girlboss goals!



By Lauren Liess

Ok, I’ll admit it. The original reason I bought this book was because it just looked so nice and it went with my color scheme - what can I say? But as I flip through it, every page is filled with sound decorating advice for any home. I keep it on our coffee table nearest to the guest room. I have found my Mom, Mother-in-Law, and other guests reading it with coffee in the mornings.



By Ansel Adams

Another book I was lucky enough to pick up on-site. I got this book while visiting Yosemite National Park with some of my besties! If you don’t know, Ansel Adams is known for his black and white photography, especially in the west. If you enjoy the National Parks and photography, you’ll like this book.

Cabin Porn

By Zach Klein

Once you get past the name, this book is like the illustrations from a fairy tale have come to life. Every cabin (from tree houses to lake houses) is perfectly quaint, with twinkling lights and dewy grass. I swear it is mouth-wateringly good – yes, I am still talking about cabins! Check it out.

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